Misty Meadows USB Humidifier

Misty Meadows USB Humidifier

Simply add water and connect this humidifier to a USB port to enjoy the benefits of higher moisture content in the air around you:
Alleviates allergies, cold and flu symptoms soothes itchy eyes and reduces nose bleeds, relieves dry skin and cracked lips, improves sleep, reduces snoring, and reduces static electricity.

Essential oils can be added to the water to add a scent to the diffusion.

  • 10 ( d ) x 8.5 ( h ) cm
  • ABS
  • includes 3 extra filters. Filter life cycle: 6 months
  • humidifying rate: 30ml / hour
  • automatic power off after 3 hours


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Weight 14,1 kg
Dimensions 57 × 35 × 47 cm