Forbes Kraft Gift Set

Forbes Kraft Gift Set

The water bottle in this gift set is made from clean, BPA-free recycled aluminium. It’s combined with an A5, hard cover notebook and a ball pen which has a minimum writing distance of 1,500 metres. The pen has a matte finish with a silver underlay, which is exposed when your logo is lasered into the pen. This set is suitable as a client gift, or for staff and onboarding of new members to the team. A pre-packaged gift set not only looks impressive, but can also be a convenient and practical option when it comes to transport and delivery.
The box is 27 ( l ) x 23 ( w ) x 7.5 ( h ) cm, and is made from natural kraft board
This gift set includes:
  • Altitude Jet Recycled Aluminium Water Bottle
  • Prominence A5 Hard Cover Notebook
  • Shine Through Ball Pen


Please note that prices exclude VAT, set up, branding cost and delivery. Minimum invoice amount is R500.

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