Affiliate Reseller Programme

Calling all small and medium sized “service providers” in the Corporate Gifts and Branded Clothing industry!

Are you finding your business squeezed by small orders and tight margins? Would your promotions business benefit from better priced products?

We can help. We know how tough it can be to achieve the big volumes required to achieve premium status with the big promotional industry suppliers. We have been fortunate, through many years of being around to be in a position where we can share that status with others. Take advantage of of best pricing status and join us as an affiliate today!

Join the ProBrand Affiliate Reseller programme and benefit from our Top Tier discount status with all of the major industry suppliers!


  • Amrod ‘Tanzanite’ 22.5% discount
  • Barron ‘Elite’ 15% discount
  • Trade Only Gifts ‘Lion’ 20% discount
  • Abelanani 12% discount

Whether you’re a brand new player to the industry or have been around for ages and are looking to make better deals, chat to ProBrand. We can make a difference right away!

  • All prices exclude branding and set up costs
  • All prices exclude VAT
  • All prices exclude delivery costs to any town or city outside of Johannesburg
  • All products are subject to MOQ
  • Minimum Invoicing amount is R2000.00 excluding VAT

Use the form below to get in touch with us about our Affiliate Reseller program, or call Donald / Robbie on 082 337 8304.

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