Using promotional products in your marketing strategy in 2024

Promotional products can be a valuable component of a marketing strategy. They can enhance brand awareness, support relationship building, and drive sales.

From clothing to office essentials, promotional items have become a staple of modern marketing, according to the American Marketing Association. These products create thousands of natural impressions over their lifetime, introducing the brand to potential new customers and employees.

Here are a few strategies for including promotional products in your marketing strategy:

Client and customer relationship building. Giving useful, quality promotional products helps build positive relationships and enhances loyalty.

Increase brand awareness. Items such as clothing, office essentials or tech gadgets bearing your company name and logo increase brand visibility. Impressions are created not only with the customer receiving the gift.

Everyone who sees them using or wearing that gift is also made aware of your brand. Try counting how many branded jackets, caps or backpacks you see next time you are at a sports event.

Trade shows, exhibitions and events. Promotional product handouts can be used as a way to attract visitors to your booth at exhibitions and events. It’s also a great way to differentiate your brand from competitors.

Employee appreciation. Gifting branded products to employees can increase morale and promote a positive image of your brand to customers.

Direct mail campaigns. Including a promotional product in a direct mail campaign can increase the response rate and help to build brand recognition.

Online giveaways and contests: Online giveaways and contests can be used to increase brand awareness and drive engagement through social media platforms.
It’s important to select the promotional products that align with your brand message, target audience and promotional budget. Track the results of your campaign to determine whether your promotional products strategy has been successful.